Home Towne Rx begins 2015 immunisation campaign in Trenton

HomeTowne RX entered into a partnership with the City of Trenton’s Department of Health and Human Services and conducted over 10 flu clinics throughout the city to provide flu vaccines to the most vulnerable populations in Trenton. This public/private partnership allowed vulnerable and frail residents in high rises, home-bounded and otherwise unable to access a pharmacy, clinic or physician’s office to get vaccinated against the flu.

In addition to expanding the flu vaccination services to the most vulnerable individuals in our community, this partnership directly benefited the Department of Health and Human Services. The department’s limited resources and staff were able to continue to work in other areas of public health critical for the well being of the community like the pediatric flu clinics and prevention of communicable diseases while the flu clinics for adults were run by the HomeTowne Rx staff.

This partnership’s resulted in a win-win situation for both partners as the City was able to provide flu vaccination to the most vulnerable residents throughout the City as well as City’s staff and other partners who requested the flu clinic. The City was able to save money and resources while ensuring access to preventive medicine to its residents.

Home Towne Rx in partnership with local organizations helps the community

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