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Mustafa J. Bhatti

President and CEO

Mustafa Bhatti is the Founder, President and Chief Financial Officer of Home Towne Rx. He is a seasoned professional with an extensive background in the business world. He founded Home Towne Rx, with his pharmacist wife, in the summer of 2012.
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Aisha M. Bhatti

Director of Pharmacy
Pharm D.

Dr. Aisha Bhatti is the co-founder and Director of Pharmacy of Home Towne Rx. As a licensed pharmacist by profession, she has a deep understanding of patient care and the pharmaceutical industry and had always dreamed of owning and operating her own pharmacy one day.
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Axel Miranda

Executive Vice President

Axel Miranda is Executive Vice President at Home Towne Rx Pharmacies, a national full service pharmacy chain with locations and partnerships throughout New Jersey to include their corporate offices. The company also services the prescription medication needs of individuals throughout the country to include compounded and specialty medications.
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Alicia Davis

Director, Public Health Programs



Alicia is the Director of Public Health Programs at Home Towne Rx Pharmacy.  She graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 2008 with a Bachelors degree in Science.  In 2014 she received her Doctorate in Pharmacy from Touro College of Pharmacy in New York.  During her last two years of pharmacy school, she decided to pursue her Master’s degree in Public Health.  In her role, she designs, coordinates and oversees all health and wellness programs and public health initiatives implemented with all of our community partners.

Wendy Stroble-Rein

Director, Compliance


Wendy Stroble-Rein is the Director of Compliance at Home Towne Rx Phamracy. She is a registered pharmacist in the state of New Jersey.  She attended  the University of Georgia. In 1983 Wendy was accepted as a transfer student into Rutgers College of Pharmacy, where she graduated in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy.  Mrs Stroble-Rein has over 30  years of experience in pharmacy, specifically 18 years in retail pharmacy, 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry and 6 years of hospital pharmacy experience.

Salman Bhatti

Finance and Operations

Rutgers Business School – MBA Candidate

Salman is the Director of Finance and Operations at Home Towne Rx Pharmacy. Along with CEO and President, Mustafa Bhatti, Salman oversees company finances and helps to maintain operational efficiency and excellence. He brings over 6 years of experience in finance and banking. Having worked at prestigious  investment banks such as JP Morgan Chase & Co. and Morgan Stanley, Salman is helping bring corporate and large organizational structure to facilitate Home Towne Rx’s rapid expansion into new markets. Salman is currently an MBA Candidate at Rutgers Business School with concentration in Management and Initial Public Offering (IPO) modus operandi.

Gangaya Dave

Chief Pharmacist


Dave is the Chief Pharmacist at Home Towne Rx Pharmacy. Working closely with Director of Pharmacy, Dr. Aisha Bhatti, he oversees all pharmacists within the Home Towne Rx organization to ensure pharmacy services are being provided up to the company’s stringent requirements. In addition, Dave oversees our Compounding Department, Raw Material Procurement, Equipment Procurement and Maintenance. Dave’s extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and lab industry gives Home Towne Rx pharmacy the grounds to develop new and innovative products to better the lives of our patients. Dave brings with him, over 30 years of pharmacy experience. Over his 30 year career, he has worked in retail, and also owned and operated a successful independent pharmacy.

Mitra Borhani, Pharm D

Pharmacist, District Manager

As a Pharmacist-In-Charge (PIC) Mitra has been with us since the start helping us establish an incredibly successful store in Ewing, NJ and is now a District Manager, overseeing retail pharmacy operations.

With over 2 decades of progressive retail pharmacy experience in such major outlets as A&P and Rite Aid as well as Long term Care Pharmacy, Dr. Mitra Borhani is an invaluable asset to Home Towne Rx’s accomplished management team of Dr. Aisha Bhatti (Director) and Gangaya Dave (Chief Pharmacist).

Experience, in-depth knowledge of pharmaceutical industry combined with strong community relationship are some of Mitra’s key contributions to Home Towne Rx’s popularity with our ever expanding customer base in the area.

Lillith James

Pharmacist, District Manager


Lillith is a District Manager as well as a Pharmacist-In-Charge (PIC) at Home Towne Rx Pharmacy. Lillith works directly under the Director of Pharmacy, Dr. Aisha Bhatti and Chief Pharmacist, Gangaya Dave,  ensuring all pharmacies within her district are operating efficiently and ensuring patients are being serviced per Home Towne Rx

Pharmacy’s stringent standards. Lillith has over 20 years of experience in the hospital, retail, and long term care pharmacy setting.

Mohamed Dandash

Pharmacist, District Manager


Mohamed is a District Manager as well as a Pharmacist-In-Charge (PIC) at Home Towne Rx Pharmacy. Working under Director of Pharmacy, Dr. Aisha Bhatti  and Chief Pharmacist, Gangaya Dave, Mohamed ensures that all pharmacies within his district are operating efficiently and ensuring that the absolute best patient care is being delivered to all patients, while also in compliance with all applicable Federal and State laws. Mohamed brings with him, over 5 years of retail pharmacy experience.

Shabbir Bhatti

Director, Human Resources

Shabbir is the Director of Human Resources at Home Towne Rx Pharmacy. In his role, Shabbir is tasked with ensuring all human resource aspects are in compliance with Federal and State laws. Shabbir ensures that Home Towne Rx is providing a robust work environment for all employees of the company. Shabbir brings with him, over 40 years of banking and human services experience in large, multinational organizations.

H.S. Panaser (Harry)

Director, New Market Development

Harry is the Director of New Market Development at Home Towne Rx Pharmacy. In his role, Harry’s responsibilities include new project planning, forecasting more avenues, marketing and building network, and business development management. Mr. Panaser has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. He has worked in sales, business development, and marketing at large pharmaceuticals such as GlaxoSmithKline, and was the the Director at Harman Wellness, a healthcare company.

Mujtaba Bhatti

Information Technology


Cisco Networks Specialist

Mujtaba is the Director of Information Technology at Home Towne Rx Pharmacy. By education, a well qualified Accountant, Mujtaba’s natural gravitation towards technology prompted him to learn and acquire qualifications in Information Technology. In his role, he oversees the IT department, ensuring all of Home Towne Rx Pharmacy’s sensitive company-wide systems are working  securely at optimum speed and capacity. Mujtaba has over 5 years of experience in large organizational systems networking and data management.

Shante Santos

Regional Lead Pharmacy Technician

Shante Santos is a Regional Lead Pharmacy Technician at Home Towne Rx Pharmacy. Alongside the pharmacists-in-charge, she oversees the pharmacy technicians in her district to ensure operational excellence. Shante has over 6 years of progressive experience as a registered pharmacy technician. She loves being able to make a difference in the lives of the patients using Home Towne Rx services.

Jamaira Collazo

Regional Senior Pharmacy Technician

Jamaira is a Regional Senior Pharmacy Technician at Home Towne Rx Pharmacy. She brings with her over 5 years of experience as a registered pharmacy technician. Working closely with the Pharmacists-in-Charge, she helps oversee pharmacy technicians within her district. Jamaira takes pride in helping her community by working closely with patients to support and educate them regarding their medications.

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