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Care beyond prescriptions

Home Towne Rx Pharmacy is an independent, neighborhood pharmacy that strives to deliver the highest quality pharmaceutical care available on a very individualized basis. We are a family owned and operated chain of pharmacies that adhere to the time-honored values of commitment to comprehensive customer care. Our knowledgeable, caring staff works together with you and your doctor to provide a unique pharmacy experience and helps you lead a healthier life. Our experienced pharmacists will do all they can and will go that extra mile to ensure that patients are not only getting the medications they need, but that they receive the special attention and support they deserve. We are always available to help you in selecting and using the best healthcare products that are necessary to manage your health conditions.


  • Review your medications to help you prevent negative drug interactions or duplicate medications.
  • Counsel you and your family on how to successfully take your medication as prescribed.
  • Teach our little patients and adults with asthma how to manage symptoms and effectively use their inhalers.
  • Train diabetic patients on testing meters, insulin pumps and other equipment.
  • Provide recommendations for cold and flu, minor wounds, and other minor health concerns.


Here at Home Towne Rx, our experienced transportation department offers Free Pick up and Delivery. Our specially HIPAA trained delivery personnel take pride in offering our patients complimentary prescription pick-up from your home or office. Your prescriptions are brought to the pharmacy, filled by our experienced technicians, checked by the pharmacist, and prepared to be picked up or delivered. All this, in a timely manner to provide the fastest, most efficient service to our patients. We are aware that our patients lead busy lives; Our staff is here to ensure your prescriptions are one less thing you have to worry about.

In the event that you are travelling or on-the-go, Home Towne Rx can have your prescriptions travel with you. As we are licensed in 30 states, we can ship your medication to your destination!

Going to Florida for the week? No problem, we can ship your refill right to you!

icon_personalizedmedsOur pharmacists work closely with our patients and their physicians to ensure maximum therapeutic benefits, medication adherence and compliance, and minimizing adverse drug effects.

Often times, your doctor may prescribe several different medications in a regimen. Medications within a regimen can sometimes have adverse side effects. Our pharmacists work with you and your physician to ensure your medications work in conjunction with one another without any adverse side effects.

icon_personalizedmedsOn patient request we can auto-fill prescriptions, and have them ready for pick-up or complimentary delivery within minutes. We can fill most prescriptions within 10-15 minutes after receiving the prescription from your doctor. Our state-of-the-art medication dispensers make errors a thing of the past. (Of course all medication is checked and rechecked by our HIPAA trained staff members)

We know just how chaotic your life can get. Refill your prescriptions at Home Towne Rx and enroll in our Refill on Time Program. Qualifying prescriptions will be automatically refilled several days before they run out. Our friendly staff will contact you to notify you that your medication is ready to be picked up, or we can deliver the medication for you. When your last prescribed refill is coming up, we can also work with your physician to help get it renewed.

icon_personalizedmedsWe can synchronize all your prescriptions and fill them once a month, thus maximizing medication compliance and adherence. This process is extremely convenient for the patient, as they do not have to worry about running out of their medication, or having to repeatedly visit the pharmacy to get refills.

  • Save time by getting all your medications at once
  • Simplify your prescription pickup schedule
  • Stay well by having all your medications when you need them
  • Best all, It’s FREE!

icon_personalizedmedsThe EMR or electronic medical record refers to everything you’d find in a paper chart, such as medical history, diagnoses, medications, immunization dates, and allergies. We are linked with most Medical Providers’ EMR systems so that we can receive our patients’ prescriptions electronically. This saves our patients time and headache, as we fill the medication without the patient having to come into the pharmacy to drop off their prescription. (If your Doctor is not linked with Home Towne Rx for EMR, please give us a call and we will reach out to the Doctors office)

icon_personalizedmedsMillions of patients have unique health needs that off-the-shelf, manufactured medications cannot meet. For these patients, personalized medication solutions – prescribed by licensed practitioners and prepared by trained, licensed pharmacists – are the only way to better health. Here at Home Towne Rx we also provide in house Compounded medication. We have a state of the art Compounding facility where we are able to work closely with our patients’ physicians to develop tailor-made solutions if traditional medication is not the right fit for you. Our services extend to Veterinary patients as well.

icon_personalizedmedsAt Home Towne Rx, our patients are apart of our family. Our friendly team members ensure that we make a connection with our patients to ensure that we understand their needs and to address any concerns they may have. Unlike other chains, our patients are not just another number to us; we take pride in serving each and every one of our patients. You can rest easy knowing that our pharmacists are here for you when you need them. You can walk in or call and talk to one of our pharmacists any time.

icon_personalizedmedsAt Home Towne Rx, Customer Service, is all about the Customer Experience. Our diverse team members all make sure to go the extra mile to satisfy our patients’ needs. We are here for you when you need us. You can come into the pharmacy or give us a call, and we will make sure to do everything we can for you. To fulfill the diverse needs of our patients, our staff is fluent in 7 languages: English, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Persian, Creole, and Polish.

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